Fanni Máté

  • Name of winery: Fanni Kertje

  • Wine region: Tokaj

  • Location of winery: Tokaj


Fanni Kertje (Hungarian: “Fanni’s Garden”) is a small Tokaji winery producing spectacular, under-the-radar, limited selection wines. The winery was founded by Zoltán and Orsolya Máté in 1997. Zoltán made their wines from 15 hectares of land in Tarcal, characterized by soft, yellow soils with moderate minerality. After his passing, his children Fanni and Marcell inherited the company in 2011. They rebranded as “Fanni Kertje”, and and since then have been making fresh new wines from the same vines as their father. This year, the 2001 Tokaji Aszú 5 Puttonyos was selected to be a part of the 2014 “Carton Hungaricum”, a 6-case “carton” of wines chosen as the finest small-batch Hungarian wines on the market today. These wines are being served at embassies around the world and are representing Hungarian fine wine at international trade shows.

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