János and angelika Árvay


Wine region: Tokaj

Location of winery: Rátka


The land of our birth feeds us, body and soul. This is what the Árvays tell us, and it perfectly encapsulates the professional and personal philosophy of the Árvay winery in their native village of Rátka, Tokaj. Here, among stunning landscapes and diverse volcanic soils, the Árvays produce their wines: a variety of small-batch, hand-made whites, wonderfully complex and reflective of terroir. János Árvay has worked as a winemaker in Tokaj for over 40 years, and his daughter, Angelika, joined him in 2000. They own 17 hectares between the villages of Rátka and Mád.


Vineyard Size: 17 hectares

Grapes: Furmint, Hárslevelű, Sauvignon Blanc, Sárgamuskotaly

Soil and Terroir: Volcanic tuff, rhyolite, limestone, red sandstone