Marcell Bukolyi

  • Name of winery: Bukolyi

  • Wine region: Eger

  • Location of winery: Eger


It was on the Nagy-Eged hill, Hungary’s tallest peak famous for winemaking, where Marcell’s father purchased 45 hectares in 2000, when the land was mostly still overgrown from disuse during the communist era. Today Marcell runs the family winery, producing high-quality natural wines from these and neighboring lands. Marcell describes his win- emaking process as “well thought-out, stable, and slightly romantic,” refusing to use pesti- cides and making his wines using traditional techniques. He studied viticulture in Hungary and abroad, and worked in Napa and the Rhone Valley.

  • Size Of Vineyards: 17 hectares

  • Grapes Grown: 

  • Soil And Terroir