Szent Donát



Szent Donát is a 15-hectare estate located on the stunning hills that run along the north side of Lake Balaton in Western Hungary. The estate has some of the best vineyards in Csopak, Tihany and the Kál basin. The winemaker and winery owner, Tamás Kovács, was born into a winemaking family with long roots in their tiny village of Csopak.

The Márga is made from grapes from the Szitahegy, Nagykut and Hegyalja vineyards. The soil is marl with abundant limestone. Fermentation was spontaneous, partially in pyrogranite ceramic and partially in stainless steel. The wine was then aged in pyrogranite ceramic for 6 months before bottling. Unfiltered. Flavors of rich pear compote and almond, with a bright salty acidity. 75% Furmint, 25% Olaszrizling.